About Us

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DOOR (Discover Outgrowth Opportunities with Rewards) was created by Darien Ricketts and Matthew smith April 2016. This website was then launched in December 2016. Team members are all Jamaican who are located in Kingston. With all these ideas, DOOR is seen as a unique site that currently has two main services. These services consist of are online shopping and service listing at the moment.  On a daily basis persons always want something to buy or sell online or seeking some kind of service.

As the website expand, new members are expected to join for creativity and functioning purposes. Our aim is to deliver the best value and quality services to users. With the work done so far, DOOR is making its way to become a reputable site for marketing and advertising online.


Vision Statement

DOOR aims to be the best online advertising and marketing website both locally & internationally, by trying to create a platform for persons to have access to a wide variety of service needed at their fingertips. With that, we want to have the best marketing tools for companies and/or business personnel so that they can feel comfortable advertising and reaching out to potential persons and even those persons that falls within their audience the best way possible.
DOOR shouldn’t be seen just as a website, it should rather be visualized as a platform to help make life better by discovering the many ways you can get what want, seeing the different opportunities to explore in and reach out to persons, reap the rewards based on your level of advertising and marketing with the tools we have put in place and the outgrowth of your business in networking with other business personnel and even enter new markets.


Mission Statement

To achieve our main goal in defining DOOR (which is our vision statement), with each service offered we are going to make sure we understand what it takes and master it before expanding with more services.
With this, persons can be satisfied with our services and they can clearly see the mission we’re on and what we’re aiming to achieve so that they can always recommend DOOR as a trustworthy and dependable website to advertise and market.


Why choose DOOR?



Sellers are given the opportunity to freely conduct their yard sale within their community, by posting items they would like to get rid of for cash.  This platform connects buyers to sellers that lives nearby, who then chat and arrange a meeting place to make the sale.

eShopping also has a unique feature that allows users to request any product that’s needed, but it’s currently not available on the site for sale.  This feature is called Request A Product.


Service Listing

Tired of searching the directory or engaging in the hassle of sourcing various services for your personal needs? Your search ends here; why not choose DOOR? DOOR has taken the opportunity to provide you with the ability to match your service needs based on the various classifieds being posted. Users will be given the opportunity to simply search geographically for various services that may correlate to their particular needs and location. Detailed information will be readily available for each Service Listing, tailored with a particular experience and ability that each user solicits. A user will then select the service that may correlate with their particular service needs.

eShopping and Service Listings are both viewed as doors and behind these doors are opportunities waiting for persons to discover them. That’s what DOOR is really all about. Experiencing a site filled with services and products you can gain readily.


Customer Service
Contact us, if you have any question or needs help.  You may also visit our FAQ to see if your question has already been answered.